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Wave Washer Ultrasonic 420 Cleaning Machine

Regular price $85.00 USD
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The best and most versatile 420 cleaning machine in the world!

You wouldn't re-use your dirty dishes, it's time to stop re-using your dirty 420 glass.  It's so easy to clean with WaveWasher!

WaveWasher cleans your 420 accessories quickly and easily. No salt, no shaking. Simply press the on button and the warm water will be blasted with ultrasonic sound waves, blasting the dirty resin off of your 420 accessories at the same time!

You’ll get to enjoy clean glass, consistently, all of the time. Clean glass works and tastes better.   Dirty bongs can also contain mold, mildew, and bacteria known to cause strep, pneumonia, and other pulmonary symptoms.  

WaveWasher makes cleanup so easy and all your 420 pieces will be clean again, like brand new!

Because it’s so easy and fast you can use it daily.  Keep your glass clean consistently, easily, for you and your friends and family with WaveWasher. 

EU orders please note: Currently only US Plugs/110-volt units only are available.