Octave High-Tech

Octave High-Tech is an innovative technology brand focused on creating cutting edge, futuristic cannabis gadgets. The brand was born with the launch of The Terp Timer, an octagon shaped desktop thermal sensor with a laser sight that allows the user to get the perfect hit when dabbing. The second product in the Octave lineup is called The Battpak: A 10,000 mAh portable battery pack with a secret adult-proof button that opens to reveal a magnetic rolling tray, wallet area and a strap for joints, blunts, carts, etc.

Octave is currently developing an entirely new consumption system that will be the most convenient and flavorful method to consume flower.  This new and innovative technology will change the way enthusiasts consume cannabis, and includes over 12 patents for one product. Consuming cannabis via rolling it in a smokable paper is one of the oldest known technologies, and Octave aims to evolve this ritual through the implementation of cutting edge technology.